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Heket is midwife and TCM acupuncturist Anu Lampinen.

I have a private Heket clinic.

As a midwife I can offer you my skills with pregnancy, labor, birth and postnatal life. 

  • Birth preparation classes
  • Birth Art ® classes
  • Birth Labyrinth ® classes
  • Birth Story Listener ® method when something in labor and birth bothers afterward
  • Breastfeeding counseling
  • Homebirth 

As a midwife acupuncturist I can offer you


  • acupressure if needles are too much for you
  • good acupressure points in labor ( I teach them both to you and your partner)


  • all kinds of problems with pregnancy and post natal
  • warming up the labor (from gest. week 37)
  • starting the labor before postmaturity

The most important thing in my midwifery practice is love. 

That happens when co-walking, trust and respect is there.

I´m specialized in normal physiological labor and birth and complementary therapies in pregnancy, birth and post natal.